Advertising Works

Don't believe us, believe our customers, here's what they say!

“It’s cost effective and so easy to have leaflets or business cards distributed with Your Local Lincs.”

Ellen Waylett Ellen Waylett, Hypnotherapist & Complementary Therapist

“The leaflets really lifted up the profile of the tennis club to let people know we are here. Next time we’ll put a special offer on or ask people to bring in leaflet so we can gauge the response.”

Sleaford Tennis Club Julie Leighton, Sleaford Tennis Club

“I’ve had a good response from the leaflet delivery service with people ringing me and I’ve managed to increase my customer base.”

Helping Hands Nigel Green, Helping Hands

“Leaflet drop was a cost effective way of promoting our business. Being able to select our own distribution areas allowed us to target a specific audience.”

Feather & Stone Home Furnishings Heather Johnson, Feather & Stone Home Furnishings

“Our recent leafletting campaign with Your Local Lincs has been a great success, with many new PC Support customers and several businesses wanting new web sites. I will definitely be using Your Local Lincs to distrubute my leaflets next time”

Hyperlincs Ian Freeman, Hyperlincs Limited

“Due to the advertising in YOUR LOCAL LINCS my business has expanded and has worked for me in my business.  I would recommend this to other companies out there!”

Helping Hands

‘Your Local Lincs’ have provided an excellent service for the advertising of room hire in Sleaford Town Hall, which has resulted in an even greater take up of interest and potential bookings. We received outstanding communication from start to finish and will certainly be advertising through the publication in the future.

Sleaford Town Council

“I decided to advertise my new business venture with Your Local Lincs, after only a few months, I am in a position where I am looking to expand the business in order to fulfill all the business that I am receiving.”

Hyperlincs Ian, Web designer

“It’s the best place to advertise – I think it’s brilliant! I don’t advertise anywhere else!”

Vintage Couture Jo, Owner

“Our Marketing systems show that advertising with Your Local Lincs magazine contributes to our successful marketing and ongoing sales.”

Mountain Skip Hire

“Local people want local businesses – it works!!”

Lincs Carpet Care John

“As our main show room is not on the high street this publication acts as our shop window to the public.”

Flooring by Henton Richard

“We’ve advertised with Your Local Lincs since it first started and we have continued to find this the most successful form of advertising.”

Blinds by Henton Richard

“Advertising with Your Local Lincs pays for itself. People like to use a local tradesman and this is the best place to advertise in our area.”

DT Roofing & Property Services Dave Tebb

“It’s been really advantageous for us to have our advert in Your Local Lincs Magazine”

Soft Options Chris, Owner

Advertise with us

If you're a local business and looking for exposure to citizens of Sleaford and the surrounding villages, then we are the people to help you to do that! Your Local Lincs deliver free magazines to over 23,000 homes and businesses in the area, and your business will be visible to everyone. You can view the full prices for advertising in our upcoming magazines in our media pack by clicking here.

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Effective Advertising

We know advertising works - big companies such as Coca-Cola continue spending millions on constantly keeping the brand in our minds eye, taking prime locations in major world capitals. Closer to home we find that regular exposure of a product or company does keep the public interested.

If you are an owner of a small business, marketing and customer service are the keys to success. We’ve all heard of the old customer service adage ‘the customer is always right’ there are some famous advertising sayings too. Celebrated professor, author and researcher Professor Jef Richards has devoted his career to advancing the understanding marketing and advertising he says:

“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.”

David Ogilvy is known as the father of advertising. Ogilvy’s ideas on marketing are as true now as they were when he founded Ogilvy & Mather back in 1948. “Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.” This means that when you advertise you should always weigh your responses. Ask all your callers how they heard about you, ask them how you can improve. Take time to analyse what your customers want from you.

Your customer base and mailing list is gold, make sure you have allocated a large part of your marketing budget to advertise to your existing customers. Give them added value, surprise them with offers and discounts and extra things for free. For example here at Your Local Lincs Magazine we like to give our regular advertisers free space to do a feature about their specialist subject.

The basic rule to marketing and advertising is still PLAN - DO - REVIEW!